Article I
Goals and Purposes

The goals and purposes of the Great Planers Trout and Salmon Club shall be liberally and broadly construed so as to promote sport fishing upon Lake Sakakawea, the Missouri River, Lake Oahe, and other waters in North Dakota. More specifically, the Club’s purpose is to promote trout and salmon fishing based upon the following principles:
1. To encourage the exchange of fishing information between Club members;
2. To provide educational opportunities in trout and salmon fishing techniques to Club members and non-members;
3. To help instruct the public and assist agencies to fight pollution of the State’s waters;
4. To encourage the respect of the right of others while engaged in fishing and other marine activities;
5. To provide all practicable assistance to government agencies responsible for fish management programs in North Dakota; and
6. To operate as a non-profit, public service organization.


Article II

Section 1. Annual Meeting: An annual meeting of the membership of the Club will be held in December of each year for the purpose of electing officers, consideration of the Annual Report and other Club Business.

Section 2. Special Meetings: Special meetings of the membership may be called periodically by the Club President with the knowledge and consent of the majority of the Executive Board members.

Section 3. Notice of Meetings: Written or otherwise published notice stating the place, day and hour, and purpose of the meetings shall be provided to the membership a reasonable time prior to the meeting.

Section 4. Open Meetings: All meetings, whether of the general membership or the Executive Board, are to be open meetings to ensure the fullest degree of community participation and input.

Section 5. Quorum: A quorum is reached when a majority of Executive Board members are present.


Article III

Membership status is granted to anyone eighteen years of age or older, including their immediate family, who has paid the annual membership dues, as established by the membership. Annual membership shall run from August 1st to July 31st. Payment of the membership fee entitles the member and the member's family to all rights and benefits of Club membership.

Each Family membership is entitlted to cast one vote for any resolutions, motions or elections.

Article IV

Section 1. Standing Chairs: The membership has established a number of standing chairs to conduct club business including a Program Chair, Newsletter Editor, Nominating Chair, Derby Chair and and a Derby Chair-Elect

General functions of the above-listed standing chairs are as follows: Program Chair - coordinate the agenda for Club meetings including arrangements for films, mini-seminars, door prizes, etc.; and organize Club outings. Newsletter Editor - coordinate the development and distribution of the Club newsletter. Nominating Chair - make necessary contacts of Club members to develop a list of prospective nominees prior to the annual meetings. Derby Chair and Derby Chair- Elect - organize and coordinate the annual Club derby.

Section 2. Special Committees: The Executive Board may, by majority vote, designate or appoint one or more special committees, each of which shall consist of at least one Executive Board member along with other Club members for a specified period of time to address specific problems or projects.


Article V
Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of a President, President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Program Chair , Newsletter Editor, Nominating Chair, Derby Chair, and Derby Chair-Elect. Additional Members-at-Large may be included at the will of the Club membership. Terms of office are as follows: President, one year; President-Elect, one year; Secretary/Treasurer, one year. Program Chair one year; Newsletter Editor, one year; Derby Chair, one year; Derby Chair-Elect, one year (with subsequent progression to Derby Chair in the following year); other members at large, as specified by the membership; and the Nominating Chair (who is the immediate past President) one year.

Meetings of the Executive Board may be called periodically by the President to handle day-to-day business of the Club.


A quorum of the Executive Board must be present and a majority of those present must agree before Club finances can be committed or expended. A vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, or otherwise, may be filled for the unexpired portion of the term by another Club member selected by the Executive Board.


Article VI
Responsibilities of the Executive Board

Section 1. President: The President shall be the principal executive officer of the Club and shall, in general, supervise the affairs of the Club. The President shall, when present, preside at all meetings of the Club membership and Executive Board.

Section 2. President-Elect: The President-Elect shall perform the duties and responsibilities of the President at meetings when the President is absent.

Section 3. Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer shall (a) keep the minutes of all meetings; (b) see that all notices, particularly meeting notices, are duly given; (c) be custodian of Club records; (d) maintain a register of current members; (e) have charge and custody of, and be responsible for, all funds of the Club; and (f) maintain a mailing address for Club correspondence.

Section 4. Members-at-Large: Members-at-Large are to attend meetings as representatives and spokesmen of the Club membership. 


Article VII
Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Club shall begin on the 1st day of January and end the 31st day of December.

Article VIII

The bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new bylaws may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of members present at any annual or special meeting.

Article IX

In the event of the dissolution of the Club, the Club’s property and/or finances shall not be conveyed to any individual or organization created or operated for profit, but shall be conveyed only to an organization or organizations created and operated for non-profit purposes similar to those in this Club. The Executive Board of this Club shall determine such action.